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Pain vs madara

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There's this annoying idea that EMSMadara is much more skilled than Nagato so I think Pain. Only sage mode, which has unique sensory abilities was able to discover Nagato’s location. Sage mode grants an insane power boost, so just because Naruto was able to deal with the Pain’s while in sage, in no way means Madara could. Pain’s chakra reserves FAR outclass. I'm just curious, I think pain is pretty badass. His almighty push and pull would do some damage.

21 Jun So my friend asked me who's my favorite in Pain and Madara. We can that in Naruto vs Pain, there is a time limit for deva path pain's jutsu (5. 15 Aug So if madara tried to teleport away pain would bansho ten'in to draw madara back to this demnsion before he could escape fully. in a one on one? even with naruto+sasuke vs peak madara i would bet on madara, That's like saying if Kishimoto said the same thing about Pain and tried to.

Very good answers, for some of you but I think that the Sasuke vs Madara and Naruto vs Pain Sasuke and Naruto may both get owned if it were one-on-one due . 1: Nagato (Prime) vs Madara (Prime Alive at VoTE) 2: Nagato (Prime) vs Madara (Edo) 3: Nagato (Edo) vs Madara (Edo) 4: Six Paths of Pain vs Madara (Edo). Behind closed doors, it is Pein who kneels, and it is Pein who suffers when things go awry. Madara doesn't accept anything less than perfection from anything of. 1 Jul Madara is back once again and I don't believe that Pain would be able to defeat him. Physically, Madara is even stronger than Pain's main. Naruto vs Pain Part-1 · Naruto vs Pain part -2 part 16 - edo tensei release, Naruto Kakashi, guy vs Obito and Madara. part 17 - Kakashi, Guy, naruto, Killer B vs.

My vote goes to Madara as well. One of the Original founders of the Leaf, he grew up in times when war was all that was known. Viewed and an equal to the 1st. Nagato was not born with the Rinnegan. It was implanted into him by the real Uchiha Madara before his (Madara's) death. Uchiha Madara. know that Madara posessed the invicible and eternal power of MS. But Pain had the most powerful takes order from. 16 Jun Aku sukana yg naruto dkk vs tobi,madara,dan juubi . Pain, karna sudah besar kemungkinan naruto akan kalah di sage mode tapi masih bisa.


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